Do you need employees?

Your HR professionals can staff your own dedicated HR booth to collect resumes and network with job-seekers.

Your HR booth can provide information to job-seekers on why they will prefer employment with you.

Companies and Organizations Offering Jobs

Career Fair Booth

Job seekers will upload their resumes for the jobs you have available. and HR staff can reach out and have a meeting with any that interest them during the event hours. Job seekers also have the ability to ask questions to the HR staff.

Staffed by: Mine HR staff
(Each mine exhibitor gets 2 virtual booths – one for procurement and one for HR)

  • Promote the jobs you need to fill through your virtual booth. By loading information on;
    – benefits of living in your community location
    – new technologies
    – benefits of employment with you
    – company culture
  • HR staff can view resumes uploaded by jobseekers and reach out to the most interesting candidates live.
  • Interact with job seekers by chat or in a virtual meeting room.
  • Uploaded resumes are saved in the HR staff’s profile.

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